Dieting and Food Cravings
Food Craving Inhaler
Helps with emotional and physical issues that cause overeating or
compulsive eating.  Inhalers are easy to use, discrete, and easy to carry in
purse, stash in a desk, or keep around the house.  Non addictive, so can be
used as often as needed!  Should be used in conjunction with a food
modification and exercise program.  Pink Grapefruit, Sweet Orange, and
Holistic Products to help with
Dieting and Quit Smoking
Diet Assist Tea   Best Seller!!!
Aids with a weight loss program, water retention, helps to flush out fat   
and toxins, and helps curb appetite.  This is a great tea hot or iced and    
has a unique taste that some customers find addictive (but it's not
addictive!).  Larger quantities available.  
Natural Smoking Alternative and Quit Smoking Aids
All Natural Herbal Smoke Blend
Soothing, calming, and contains ingredients that actually help lungs and
lung congestion (Mullein) is calming and can help you to quit smoking
(Lobelia), anti-bacterial (Sage), helps with anxiety and depression and has
mild euphoric affects (Damiana), calming and relaxing (Catnip), Hops,
Nettle, Red Raspberry, and Calendula. This smoking blend is sold loose.
Great for people who are trying to quit smoking and just want something
natural and non-toxic to smoke!  
1 oz. is enough to make approximately 20-30 cigarettes.  Like menthol?  
Let me know, I will include a little bag of either Spearmint or Peppermint.
We've gotten great reviews about this new product, including those from
our international customers too!
This product DOES NOT contain any tobacco, cannabis, or salvia.  
Lobelia is not advised for those individuals with liver issues.
Smoking (Quit) Inhaler  
Simply inhale to help curb urge to smoke.  Easy to carry and use  
anywhere - great for travel.  Contains pure essential oils of Pink
Grapefruit, Orange, Lime, Spearmint, Black Pepper
Nico-Tea (Decreases Urge to Smoke)
Mild and relaxing tea of Catnip and Lobelia.  Both decrease desire for
Nicotine and Lobelia decreases desire for Nicotine because it makes
Nicotine taste terrible!  Aids in respiratory problems and reduces excess
mucous.  Helps curb cravings.
Stevia Leaf Natural Sweetener
Not a powder, but the pure cut and sifted leaf!  
It's so sweet and NO calories!  
Great in any tea and on fresh fruit.
Does not contain sugar and kids love it!
1/2 ounce bag  (1/8 tsp. per serving)