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Pure & Simple Green Home Products
No need to use harsh chemicals to clean your home.  Protect your children and pets by using
all natural alternatives!
  • All Natural Moth/Insect Repel
  • Nothing more annoying that moths, flies, and mosquito's in the
    house!  We pantry moths here and they drive me nuts.  So I've get
    come up with an all natural moth repelling bag filled with California
    Bay leaves, Lavender, and Tansy.  
  • Bugs hate these smells and thus, keep out of my pantry and office.  
  • Natural and safe, non-toxic.  Don't let moths damage your food and
    fine clothes!
  • Great for travel, keep one in suitcase so you don't bring pests home.
  • Vinegar of the Four Thieves Mix
  • During the Plague four thieves used this mixture to create a potent
    disinfectant, which they used on themselves and most likely
    internally as well, to keep from getting the plague as they robbed
  • Simply pour the herb mix into a quart jar with white or cider
    vinegar.  Let steep in sunny window for 2-4 weeks.  Strain herbs out
    and pour liquid into squirt bottle.
  • Use around the home where viruses and germs love to breed, i.e.,
    kitchen, bathrooms, door knobs, etc.  Safe and natural - kills germs!
  • Lavender Dryer Bags - Chemical Free Laundry
  • Chemical free alternative to dryer sheets.  
  • Simply toss one of these lavender bags into the dryer and forget
    about it for 10 - 12 loads.  
  • Recycle it one more time by dropping it into a nice warm bath.  
  • Chemical free and good for the environment.  
  • Put one in your suitcase so your clothes smell fresh when you arrive
    at your destination - also repels insects.
  • Makes a great gift!
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Natural Pet Products
Hot Spot Relief for Dogs
Helps soothe dry itchy skin and flea bites. Simply spray on and rub in.  
Contains Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E, Calendula Oil, and pure
essential oils of Lemongrass, Tea Tree, and Lavender  2 oz. bottle
Calming Aromatherapy Mist
Pets are people too and just like people are subject to nervousness,
being anxious, and yes, behaving badly at the worst possible times!  
Same application as children, cover their eyes.  Spray above their
bedding, not directly on pet or their beds.  Spray a little in the car for
long car trips.  Contains Lavender, Chamomile, and Mandarin.
Calendula Salve
All around basic salve to keep on hand for insect bites, dry skin, and
cuts & scrapes.  Safe for pets and animals.  2 oz. Twist up stick  
3 C's Salve
Ultimate in skin and wound healing for bites, bumps, bruises, cuts,
scrapes, and open wounds.  Non toxic.  Contains:  Chickweed,
Calendula, and Comfrey for a primo healer.  Available in small 2 oz.
tin or large 4 oz. tin.  Great to keep on hand!
Cat Nip Craziness!!!
No cat can resist catnip!  Drives them wild.  Even the laziest cat
comes alive with one whiff of catnip!  Set of 3 pre-filled bags - just
toss one out and watch them go crazy.  
Makes a fun gift for cat lover.