Bay Lime Lotion
A favorite of men, but women like it too!  Sweet aromatic
Bay with refreshing Lime.  Cool, clean, tropical scent!
Cucumber Lotion
I love the smell of summer and nothing reminds me more
of summer than the smell of cucumbers!  Fresh, light,
uplifting, and invigorating.  
Fruit Salsa Lotion
Smells like melon, strawberries, kiwi, watermelon, and sweet
oranges!  Light, fruity, flirty, and fresh!  Not overpowering
or powdery smelling.  Sweet & Juicy!
Island Breeze
Created for men, but our female customers may like it too!  
Bay Laurel, with Lime, and Coconut.  Light earthy tropical
blend, but not sickening sweet!
Lavender Lotion
After many requests for a basic lavender lotion, we've caved
and added it to our line.  Calming and relaxing, great for
after a hot bath or evening shower.
Lavender & Lemon
This lotion was originally designed for an olive oil company
in town, but we've decided to share the recipe with the rest
of you because its so popular.  Pure essential oils of
uplifting lavender & lemon make this our most popular
Lemongrass Lotion
Fresh and uplifting our Lemongrass lotion is sure to
please.  Contains pure essential oil of Lemongrass, not a
perfume or imitation fragrance.
Nag Champa Lotion
If you love Nag Champa incense, you'll love this lotion!  
Scent is almost identical to the real incense.  Very exotic
scent, but not overpowering.
Ooh So Citrus Lotion
Silky blend of olive oil lotion base, sunflower oil, pure
essentials oils of orange, lime, lemon grass, mango &
tangerine.  Very uplifting and mood enhancing.  Great for
zapping yourself out of a personal pity party!
Patchouli Lavender
By popular request!  Patchouli and Lavender is sweet and
musky with earthy tones that enlighten and lift free spirits.  
Yes, it's that hippy scent you love!
Rose Lotion
Simple, romantic, elegant, traditional rose scented lotion.  
Lovely anytime.  Makes a great gift or addition to a gift
basket for someone special.
Tangerine Lotion
Refreshing and invigorating scent of Tangerines!  Light and
never overpowering.  Citrus is known for its uplifting
qualities and can help curb appetites.
Tired Tootsie
Peppermint Lotion
For those tired feet at the end of the day whether you've
been chasing the kids all day, shopping, running around at
work, or playing hard!  Contains pure essential oils of
peppermint and rosemary.  Complimentary to our Tootsie
Foot Soak!
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Hand-Blended Lotions
Flower Lei Cuticle Cream/Salve
Soothe rough dry cuticles and nails with this moisturizing
cuticle salve. Wash hands with soap and water and rub salve
into cuticles and nails.  Use dry towel to wipe off excess.  
Makes a great lip balm or solid perfume as it smells
heavenly!  1/2 ounce tin with twist top lid is perfect for
pocket, purse, desk, or backpack.  Makes a nice gift!