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Just for Moms
All natural products for expecting mothers and new mothers.
Nursing Salve
Nursing mom's need nursing salve for sore dry, yes I'm gonna
say it "nipples!"  Helps with drying and cracking.  No need to
wipe off, it's safe for baby.  Contains:  Calendula,
Marshmallow, Jojoba oil, Vitamin E, Olive oil, and natural
Big Mama Belly Balm
Help soothe and prevent stretch marks with this outstanding
blend of nourishing oils including Olive oil, Calendula Oil,
Sweet Almond oil, Nut Butters, and Jojoba oil.  Lavender
essential oil for scent.  Rub onto your lovely baby bump daily.
Turmeric Salve (for Hemorrhoids)
A relative of Ginger and used in Middle Eastern dishes,
Turmeric has the ability to reduce shrink hemorrhoids and heal
acne.  Turmeric is antiseptic and anti-fungal too.  Great for
mature skin issues too!  Available in 4 sizes.
Herbal Sitz Bath
Beautiful and all natural blend of traditional herbs and flowers
for tender bottoms after giving birth or from surgery. These
herbs and flowers have been selected for their nurturing,
healing, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial
Set of 6 (3"x4" - 100% cotton - USA made bags).
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