Owens Acres Hand Crafted Herbal Salves
Why are our salves special and different from others on the internet?

Our salves are made by a Certified Master Herbalist, using traditional herbalist methods of steeping herbs in a south facing
window for 4-6 weeks in our sweet Hawaiian sunshine.  This solar infusion method is the most effective way to extract the
healing properties from the herbs.   

Owens Acres products are mindfully crafted in small batches to ensure absolute freshness.  We use sustainable ingredients
including organic, naturally grown, locally sourced from Hawaii, and ethically wild-crafted when possible.  

My studio, which is located in the Pana’ewa Rainforest, just minutes outside Hilo, is a highly vibrational and peaceful
sanctuary where I practice my craft as an Herbalist, and as an artist.  I create listening to rainforest birds by day, and coqui
frogs by night as tropical rains gently fall on our metal roofs – it all inspires me!

Tins are aluminum and can be reusable and recyclable, sizes under 2oz are FAA approved size for air travel.  
100% Vegetarian and Cruelty Free.
Salve Sizes Available:
1/2 oz. $5.95
Regular is
2 oz. Tin for $14.95
Twist up Sticks
2 oz. $15.95
Large is
4 oz. Tin for $18.95
Headache Balm
By popular demand, we've come up with a
headache balm in a 1/2 oz. essential oils with
menthol crystals.  Simply apply to forehead
and rub in.  Also helps to apply to back of
neck.  Natural relief for pesky headaches and
can be used as a tingly lip balm too.
3 C's Salve
Very popular healing salve containing
Chickweed, Calendula, and Comfrey with
olive oil, pure Lavender essential oil, and Tea
Tree oil.  Great for burns, scars, dry skin,
insect bites, fungal infections, and the perfect
all around general healing salve.  Safe for pets.
Anti-Fungal Salve
Promotes healing of fungal related issues such
as athletes foot, nail fungus, and ringworm.  
Contains:  Black Walnut Powder, Echinacea,
Oregon Grape, Barberry Root, Usnea,
Calendula, Neem Powder, Clove & Tea Tree
oils, Olive Oil, and pure beeswax
Arnica Salve
This is a pain relieving topical pain killer
commonly used for arthritis, joint pain,
Fibromylgia, diabetic nerve pain, and
helps heal bruises faster.  
Contains Arnica, Feverfew, and Goldenseal.  
Arnica Warm with Capsicum
Same formula as our regular Arnica except
we've added pure essential oil of Capsicum for
a slight warming affect.  Great for stiff joints
and sore muscles.  May help with neck or back
Baby Bum Balm
Soothing balm for baby's bum or dry skin.  
Pure olive oil infused with healing herbs of
Calendula, Lavender, Rose petals,
Chamomile, Jojoba oil, Aloe Vera oil, and
pure Lavender essential oil.
Bee Pro Polis & Bee Pollen Salve
A Natural antiseptic and fungal fighter.  Great
salve to keep on hand for minor rashes.  We
use local organic bee pollen for this potent
salve.  Has a natural scent and beautiful pale
yellow color.  Safe for children.  
Big Mama Belly Balm
Help soothe and prevent stretch marks with
soothing blend of nourishing oils including
Olive oil, Sweet Almond oil, and Jojoba oil.  
Pure Lavender essential oil for scent and
healing.  Rub onto belly and sides to help
prevent stretch marks.
Boil & Staph Salve
Boil and Staph is our strongest viral and
infection salve ever!  Contains:  Neem, Tea
Tree, Oregano and Oregano Oil, Boswellia,
Usnea, Rosemary, and Turmeric.   If you think
you may have MRSA, seek medical attention
as MRSA is highly contagious!
Calendula Salve
All around basic salve to keep on hand for
insect bites, dry skin, bruises, and cuts &
scrapes.  Special care is given to this salve and
it is infused by the sun and full moon!
Promotes healing of most skin problems.  
Safe for babies & pets too.
Calendula Plantain Salve
High in antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins.  
Two of the planets best skin healers.  Safe to
use on children and pets.  Contains pure olive
oil, Calendula, and Plantain.
Comfrey Aloe Salve
When your skin is red, dry, rough, red, hot
and itchy, you need the calming and
soothing effects ofComfrey and Aloe.  
Contains: Olive Oil,Comfrey, Aloe Vera,
Lemon Essential Oil & Beeswax
Cough & Cold Chest Rub
Helps with coughs due to congestion and
common cold.  Simply rub this aromatic salve
onto chest.  Relieves sinus pressures too.  
Contains pure oils of Camphor, Eucalyptus,
Clove, and Wintergreen.  
So soothing - great for kids.
Eczema & Psoriasis Salve
Contains some of the most powerful skin
healing herbs including Birch Bark, Black
Walnut, Burdock, Lemon Balm Powder,
Echinacea, Kelp, Calendula, Goldenseal Root,
Pau d' Arco, Tea Treeand Borage Oil.  
Promotes healing with natural iodine, inulin,
and natural antibiotic properties.
Eucalyptus Salve
Great for minor skin irritations, fevers, and
inflammation from colds.  Assists stuffy
heads and chest colds.   Contains: olive oil,
Eucalyptus, Comfrey, Rosemary, Calendula,
Essential Oil of Eucalyptus, Beeswax
Goldenseal Myrrh Salve
Mighty healer Goldenseal blended with Myrrh
to relive tough skin rashes.  Contains:
olive oil, Goldenseal Root Powder, Myrrh
Gum Powder, Chamomile Essential Oil,
Happy Face Salve
for Mature Skin & Age Spots Sun and age do not
make for pretty complexions - I know personally!
Happy Face was designed to help
eliminate age spots, and dry damaged skin due to sun
exposure. Contains antioxidant and skin repairing
herbs and oils including Dandelion, Rosemary, Aloe
Vera oil, Castor oil, Vitamin E oil, and essential oils of
Rosemary and Sandalwood.
Gardeners Dream
Hand Salve
Soothing relief for people who love to play in
the dirt!  Provides moisturizing to help prevent
chapping and cracking of dry over worked
hands.  Works great on dry feet too!
Makes a great gift!
Warming Salve for
Cold Hands and Feet
Warming and soothing Cinnamon and Clove
Salve for people with cold hand and feet.  
This may be due to age, poor circulation, or
climate.  Simply massage into hands and
feet.  Makes a great gift!
Banana Leaf & Bamboo Salve
This salve kills germs, helps promote skin
rejuvenation, are high in antioxidants, and
high in silica.  It's antiviral and naturally
antiseptic, great for all kinds of rashes and
insect bites.Olive Oil, Banana Leaves,
Bamboo, Beeswax, Jojoba Oil, and pure
essential oil of Lemongrass.
Big Mama Belly Balm Salve
Soothe itchy stretching skin and prevent
unsightly skin stretched marks.  Apply often
and as needed.  This salve get rave reviews for
relieving and preventing baby bump issues.  
Great for dry skin elsewhere too!  Soothing
Olive Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil,
Beeswax, and Calendula.
New! Moringa Leaf Salve
Moringa is antioxidant, antibiotic, anti
inflammatory (for joint pain), and anti
parasitic (athletes foot, ring worm), has
supreme blood clotting properties.  Helps
with lice and dandruff. Olive Oil, Beeswax,
Moringa Powder, pure Neem oil.
All Natural Insect Repellent
All No Deet!
Along with warm summer days comes those bad
bugs!  Flies, knats, mosquito's, black flies, and
other pesky bugs!  Great for kids, outdoor folks,
and gardeners! Olive Oil, Beeswax, Pure
Essential Oils of Lemongrass, Lavender,
Cedarwood, and Citronella.
Lavender Salve
Lavender is a great skin healer and mood lifter.  
Keep a tin in your kitchen for cuts, scraps, and
minor burns. Rub onto wrists and temples to
elevate your mood, recenter, or enjoy a moment
of pure relaxation.  Antiseptic and
Lemon Balm
Lemon is a natural antiseptic and natural sedative
(same chemical compound as Valium!  Widely
used as one of the best remedies for cold sores,
but also helps anxiety when applied topically to
lips or back of neck.   
Neem & Tea Tree Salve
Potent combination of Neem Oil and Powder,
and Tea Tree Oil.  Powerful antiseptic, anti fungal,
and works great on stubborn rashes, athletes foot,
ringworm, and even lice.  Apply liberally to
affected area 2x a day.  
Nursing Salve
Nursing mom's need nursing salve for sore dry,
sore nipples.  Helps with drying and cracking.  
No need to wipe off, it's safe for baby.  Contains:  
Calendula, Marshmallow, Jojoba oil, Vitamin E,
Olive oil, and natural beeswax.
Peppermint Salve
Pure peppermint oil helps soothe tired sore feet,
leg muscles, joints, and even dry lips!  Also
contains menthol crystals so it gives it a cool
tingly feeling.
Rosacea Skin Salve
Natural salve to help with rosacea flareups on
face, arms, or other areas.  Apply at night and
then again in the morning.  If you are prone to
Rosacea, refrain from taking hot-hot showers.  
Rose Petal Salve
Beautiful and heavenly rose scented salve.  
Perfect for dry skin, especially right out of the
shower to lock in moisture.  Can be applied to
mild dry itchy skin, and also great on newly
shaven face, legs, or other areas.  Makes a
wonderful natural perfume.
Muscle & Sports Rub Salve
Contains menthol and mints to help soothe achy
muscles from sport pain or over exertion.  Apply
to affected areas as needed.  Keep away from
sensitive areas, face, and eyes.
St. John's Wort Salve
Typically used for nerve pain from Fibromylgia,
arthritis, or diabetic issues.  Also very calming
and relaxing natural sedative for stressful
situations.  Apply to affected areas for nerve pain.  
Apply to back of neck to help relieve stress.
Slumber & Dream Sleep Salve
Contains sleep inducing herbs and essential oils
to help you relax and drift off to sleep naturally.  
Rub on to back on neck, temples and forehead,
about 20 minutes before bed.
Turmeric Salve
A relative of Ginger and used in Middle Eastern
dishes, Turmeric has the ability to reduce shrink
hemorrhoids and heal acne.  Turmeric is
antiseptic and anti-fungal too.  Great for
mature skin issues too!
Board & Reef Rash Salve
Soothing antiseptic relief for board or reef
rashes.  Apply 2X daily.  Contains olive oil,
Comfrey, and essential oils of Tea Tree
and Neem Oil.
Skin Fold Rash
Fluffy folk get skin fold rashes, I know,
because I use this salve myself.  This salve
cools the stinging pain of skin fold rash/fungus
and provides a moisture barrier to heal and
protect skin.  Contains Olive oil, and essential
oils of Lavender, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree and
Neem.  Keep away from sensitive areas.
Sunburn Salve
Over exposure to sun can damage skin.  This
salve provides relief from sunburn and promotes
skin healing.  Contains Olive Oil, Calendula, St.
John's Wort, Comfrey, Chickweed, Aloe,
Rambutan leaves, and essential oils of Lavender
and Chamomile.  Apply 2X daily.

Road Rash Salve
Soothing antiseptic relief for road rash - because
fun can be painful.  Apply 2X daily.  Contains
olive oil, Comfrey, and essential oils of Tea Tree
and Neem Oil.

Tattoo Salve
Soothing moisture barrier and antiseptic relief
for new tattoo's.  Apply 2X daily.  Contains olive
oil, Jojoba Oil, and Tea Tree Oil.  Note, does
not contain any sunscreen.
Black Drawing Salve
Helps draw out splinters, infections, and toxins.  
Apply to area, rub in well, cover with gauze
(will stain fabrics).  Contains Olive Oil,
Activated Charcoal, Australian Black Clay,
Jojoba Oil, Beeswax, and essential oils of
Lavender and Tea Tree.
New! Scar and Wound Salve
Helps diminish scars from new cuts, scrapes,
surgery scars, or deep wounds.  Safe for children
and animals too!Olive Oil, Aloe, Jojoba Oil,
Lavender flowers, Comfrey, Calendula, Bamboo
Leaves, and pure essential oil of Lavender.
Just Good Weeds Salve
Just Goods Weeds is the salve version of our
herbal tea.  Salve contains powerful healing herbs
(considered weeds) including, Dandelion, Nettle,
Plantain, Red Clover and Blessed Thistle.  High in
antioxidants and skin healing properties.  
Naturally antiseptic and antibacterial - Unscented.