Tea Accessories for Tea Lovers
Tea Wallets
Enjoy tea or other teas on
the go and anywhere!  
Great for office or travel.  
Can be used for other
things like credit cards,
store club cards, business
cards and more.  Makes a
super cute gift!  $10.00 ea
Tea Ball Infusers with Charms - $5.95 ea
(some designs have limited quantities...)
Owens Acres teas are all loose leaf, so we came up with these unique tea balls to go with our teas!  These are standard
2" stainless steel tea ball, with charms attached as weights.
These make great gift with a bag of our hand blended teas!  Note, some designs have limited quantities!
Garden, Nature & Seashore
Holidays & Special Days
Dogs & Cats
Heart Shaped Tea Infusers  
A Darling heart-shaped tea ball with heart charm.  Makes a
great gift when pair with our Valentine Delight Tea or in gift
baskets.  What better way to show you care than with a gift of for
an for an entire pot of tea!entire pot of tea!      SORRY XL one is
Sold OutSORRY XL one is Sold Out
Stevia Leaf Natural Sweetener
Not a powder, but the pure cut and sifted leaf!  
It's so sweet and NO calories!  
Great in any tea and on fresh fruit.
Does not contain sugar and kids love it!
1 ounce bag  (1/8 tsp. per serving)
Japanese Self-Fill Tea Bags
($2.50 for 10)
Simply fill and fold over the top - they're like little paper
sandwich bags!  Great for tea, herbs, or bath teas!  Great for our
loose and bulk teas or when giving tea as a gift!  I like these for
making large pots or jars of sun tea.
Miscellaneous Designs
Miscellaneous Tea Item
Tea & Food